How We Got Our Start

Jamrock Cultural Restaurant serves delicious Caribbean cuisine in Superior, WI

About the Chef

Our owner and head chef, Tony O'Neil, was born in Miami, FL and raised in Jamaica. He hosted Jamaica frequently, always learning new authentic Caribbean cuisines from his grandmother. His grandparents owned a restaurant there before moving to the United States, and he's been cooking with them since he was a kid. Since then he has become a certified chef with the American Culinary Federation and started selling jerk chicken and other Jamaican classics.

When COVID-19 hit, Tony got a food permit and started offering his cuisine out of his house. Eventually, Average Joe's Pub in Superior, WI gave him some bar space to use - and his popularity only increased from there. Stop by Jamrock Cultural Restaurant today to see why people keep coming back.

3 goals we hope to achieve

At Jamrock Cultural Restaurant, we have three main goals. We want to:

  1. Share good food with the community
  2. Bring people together to bond over a meal
  3. Create a go-to spot for fun times
For delicious Caribbean cuisine and authentic jerk chicken, visit us tonight. You're sure to love the food.

  • Jamrock Cultural Restaurant

    1901 Tower Ave
    Superior, WI 54880


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